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Binder Clip Bag - Bağlayıcı Klip Çanta by Peter Bristol 

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Arran Gregory
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From Foreign Policy: South Korean-born artist Ahn Jun may seem like a daredevil, but her vertiginous self-portraits atop skyscrapers aren’t so much about conquering a fear of heights — they reflect a deeper angst about the void of urban metropolises. “Whenever people are put on the edge of something, human beings become vulnerable,” she says. From Seoul to Hong Kong to New York, Ahn has scaled the tallest buildings she could access, perching precariously on ledges, her feet dangling far, far above the hard ground. Since starting the project in 2008, she has climbed dozens of skyscrapers, and has no plans to stop. “I might not look afraid in the photographs,” Ahn says. “But it can be scary.”
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The Ring Clock is a mechanical ring that shows the minutes, hours, and second on each section.

It’s pretty and shiny and we want it.

The Ring Clock by Gusztáv Szikszai

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Canvas  by  andbamnan